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5 Questions To Ask Your Electrician

All Brisbane Electrical knows that you desire value for your money when hiring an electrician. Thus, it is important that you ask questions as this involves getting a good value job and a great value job.

Safety and trust is required when you choose an electrician. It is one of the most dangerous jobs to perform and you cannot afford to obtain a substandard work for your budget. You will not know who you are hiring when you do not ask questions.

Here are the 5 questions to ask your electrician in Brisbane:

#1- Are you a licensed electrician?

Most states require that electricians must be licensed in order to perform work on your house. Do not hire one who is not properly licensed. There are two basic levels of licensure. An individual could be a master electrician or a journeyman. The difference is usually with the number of years of experience. An electrical contracting company must have an Electrical Contractor license. In addition, master electricians are licensed for both installation and design of electrical systems and have at least two years of professional experience; whereas, journeymen are limited to installation only.

#2 - Are you insured?

Sometimes we cannot control how things can go. Even with all the safety precautions done, things can go wrong with electrical work. There is high liability for electrical works and you are accepting a financial risk when you hire an electrician with no Public Liability Insurance Policy. This policy protects the electrician, your household members, and other people who enter your property in the years to come.

#3 - How are payments made?

The cost estimates of hiring an electrician is a significant piece of information. Most electrical contractors offer a variety of cost options. There are those who agree that an hourly rate would be a great option for small jobs. Moreover, a fixed rate is better for you so that the budget will not balloon. At All Brisbane Electrical, we provide cost estimates that itemizes materials, labour, incidentals. We offer you the convenience to pay on your own terms. If you choose a fixed rate, there are no hidden costs at the end.

#4 - How many years of experience do you have?

Experience is key when hiring an electrician. A licensed electrician might have the credentials but not have the experience needed to implement electrical code regulations on the job. You have to be assured that your electrician will be with you for years to come. A company that is in business for a number of years shows that they can be trusted and eliminates the time to rehire another for future electrical repairs.

#5 - Who have you done work for in the past?

You need to know about feedback your electrician has with his former clients. It is important to have customer reviews and references. You can check their customer reviews so you can make a verified decision. You can contact them and ask the quality of work the electrician has delivered in the past.

All Brisbane Electrical has served customers for more than 10 years. We offer free consultation and local service with world-class quality and products. Our qualified and licensed electricians can guide you as you decide on the kind of service that you want from our company. Contact us today.

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