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If you are considering having a solar panel installation, you need a good design plan to ensure its completion. 

In order to obtain permission from the local building department as well as permission to operate by the local utility, you need to have a PV or photovoltaic solar panel system design. Thus, you need the professional services of a solar design consultation provider. 

Four Steps in the Design Process

1. Assess the requirements of the project

We analyse your monthly energy use (kWh) and costs for the past year. The roof’s tilt, slope, obstructions, dimensions, shading, wind speed, azimuth direction toward the sun and exposure category are assessed. The current electrical set up is evaluated, which includes the existing wires and the size and location of the circuit breaker. The requirements for a local permit are also reviewed.

2. Determine the system size and layout

We offer options regarding your desired solar PV system sizes. We ask how many watts you need now and plan to use in the future. Different scenarios regarding how many kWh will be produced using different PV watts are presented. We provide a solar panel site plan as well as the options for the design layout for both ground and rooftop configuration. 

3. Compare different solar panel systems

We provide you with variations of solar panel and inverters as well as their corresponding costs for the equipment of your choice. Price, quality, performance and compatibility of different systems are evaluated. You get to know the estimated ROI, lifetime savings, and expected payback with the different choices. The rebate, tax credit and incentive summary are also presented.

What is the current solar rebate in Brisbane?

A solar rebate scheme is helping residents to have lower costs in solar panel installation. Most Queenslanders are eligible for a discount on new solar installations - $2,797 is the average solar rebate.

Is solar rebate forever?

The rebate will not be stopped immediately. It will be phased out gradually until December 31, 2030. 

How much do solar panels cost in Brisbane?

An average Brisbane household uses a 6.6kW system size and it costs a price range of $4,500 to $10,000 to have a good quality installation. 

What is the average lifespan of solar panels?

Nothing lasts forever, including solar panels -  25 to 30 years is the industry-standard lifespan of solar panels. 

Do you really save money with solar panels?

In addition to the solar rebate, solar panels not only decrease electricity bills, but they also increase property values. Your return on investment in a solar panel occurs within 3 years.

Is it enough to use solar power to run a house?

Yes, you can run a house on solar power alone as long as the amount of energy produced exceeds the amount of electricity used up every day. 

The decision to have your home installed with a solar panel is a huge one. For professional expertise, please contact All Brisbane Electrical.

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