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Many people are making the shift to a sustainable lifestyle. A sustainable lifestyle refers to a way of living where one reduces his or her negative impact on the environment and where one reduces his or her use of the Earth’s natural resources.

Going solar is one method of practising a sustainable lifestyle. If you want to commit to a greener lifestyle, you need to know various things before installing solar panels.

1. Assess your roof

You need to consider the kind of roof you have if you plan to have a solar installation in Brisbane. You need to have a stable roof that can support solar panels. Moreover, you also need to have enough solar windows to maximise the solar panels.

Your roof should undergo renovation before proceeding for a solar installation in Brisbane. The angle of your roof should also be taken into consideration. Your roof’s tilt will also affect the performance of your solar panel system. In order to have the best performance, the tilt of your panels should be at the same angle as your latitude.

2. Conduct an energy audit

You should know the amount of energy your household consumes for the last 12 months before buying solar panels. Knowing the average monthly electricity consumption will help you choose the number of solar panels you need. 

3. Research the costs of solar panel installation

You should assess what the cost is for Solar Installation Brisbane. Although there are different affordable solar panel installations in Brisbane, this might be one of your biggest expenses when you want to be an advocate for green living. Doing this will offer you a better idea of how to budget your money. 


4. Determine the kind of solar panel you need

You can choose from various kinds of solar panels. There are different styles of solar panels offered by different solar panel providers that will cater to different economic brackets. There are those that offer high-performing models that can withstand wind loads while others offer frameless solar panels.  

How much money does it cost to install a 5kW system in Brisbane?

The most popular system size installed in Australia is 5kWh solar systems as it supports the energy consumption needs of a 4-member household. The cost for installing a 5kW system in Brisbane is between $4,600 to $6,500. You get this price range as rebates have been already applied by your installer.

How many solar panels are needed to power my home?

You need around 15 to 20 solar panels for a 5kW system for a 25.5 to 34 square meter space on the roof.

What time of day do solar panels generate more electricity?

The sun’s strength and angle vary depending on the time of day and seasons. The time where solar panels generate more electricity is around 11 am to 4 pm. 

Will my house become hotter if I install solar panels?

Solar panels decrease by 38% the amount of heat that reaches the roof. This keeps the roof of the building 5 degrees cooler than areas of the roof with direct exposure to sunlight. 

Can you purchase and install solar panels on your own?

Yes. You can install your own solar panel if you can assemble prefabricated parts and drive lag bolts and spend two days on your roof. 

Is it recommended to install solar panels on your own?

Most home solar panel kits are designed for off-grid use. You cannot use them at the same time as still being connected to your utility provider. It is not smart to go off-grid if your kit cannot produce the needed kWh your house needs.

It would be best to hire licensed solar panel installers as it is required to have solar panels installed by professionals. You can save lots of money if you hire someone who knows what they do professionally.

Solar panel installation is one way of helping Mother Earth conserve its resources as well as living a sustainable lifestyle. If you need professional help with solar installation in Brisbane, All Brisbane Electrical would be happy to assist you with your queries. Contact us today!