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All Brisbane Electrical is a Tesla Powerwall certified installer



Reduce your power bills even further!  A solar hybrid system is a battery designed to store clean energy (FREE from the sun). You can use this stored energy anytime you need – during the day, at night, or during an outage. Some hybrid systems can also be designed to detect grid outages and automatically become your home's main energy source. Protect your home from the next power outage and keep your lights on, phones charged and no puddles under the fridge.


ALL BRISBANE ELECTRICAL is qualified in supplying and installing solar hybrid systems with retro fit battery storage to existing solar PV systems along with integrating battery storage into new systems.

What ever your renewable energy needs, ALL BRISBANE ELECTRICAL has the experience and the capabilities to provide the 'right' solution for you.

What are solar hybrid systems?

Solar hybrid systems work similar to grid solar systems but use batteries for energy storage. The capacity for energy storage enables hybrid systems to supply backup power during a blackout. This is similar to how an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) system works. These systems are still connected to the electricity grid.

What are the benefits of using hybrid solar systems?
  • They can store solar energy and produce affordable electricity

  • These enable you to be energy-independent

  • Solar energy can be used during peak times

  • They decrease energy consumption from the grid

What are the disadvantages of using hybrid solar systems?
  • These cost higher than grid-solar

  • The lifespan of the battery is from 7 to 15 years only

  • There are limitations with the number of appliances that can operate simultaneously

How much do hybrid solar systems cost?

The factors that affect the cost include your power needs, home size, and hybrid type. The average cost for a total system ranges from $20,000 to $80,000.

What batteries can be used for a hybrid solar system?

There are different kinds of batteries available for residential locations. These include PylonTech, Q Cells, Opal Storage, and Huawei Luna, to name some. Most battery manufacturers only provide 10 years full warranty for their products.

Can I install DIY hybrid solar installations by myself?

The answer is yes. You can perform a DIY solar panel installation by yourself. However, installing it may expose you to potential dangers as these involve high voltage electricity. There are specific details in the law that require licensed installers to carry out the work.

I own a business in Brisbane; how much do solar panels cost?

Commercial solar systems cost around $1 per watt, fully installed. A 50kW system will cost approximately $50,000.

How do I know commercial solar panels are suitable for my business?

Solar power is suitable for most businesses. If your company uses electrical power and your location has a roof, it might be a great choice for you. All Brisbane Electrical will conduct a solar feasibility assessment for your company. 

How long does it take for hybrid solar systems to be installed for my business?

Installation must be carried out legally and properly. One crucial part is obtaining permits to perform a solar hybrid installation. This is the part where it takes a longer amount of time - this can also depend on your system’s location and size. 

Do businesses get rebate?

There are lots of government rebates and initiatives that pertain to solar panel installation.

What are the four types of hybrid systems?
  • Advanced AC-coupled systems (off-grid or hybrid) 
  • All-in-one battery energy storage systems (BESS)
  • Multi-mode hybrid inverter (with backup power)
  • Basic hybrid inverters (no backup power)

Whether you are a business or a residential owner, shifting to solar power is a good choice. If you need any professional help, All Brisbane Electrical would be happy to offer you a free consultation.


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