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Everything solar is our passion!  We are a strong believer in renewable energy and independent power generation. We enjoy delivering quality solar systems that will save you money in the long run. We do not believe in cutting corners with cheap inverters or panels for a budget upfront cost – as this would ultimately be at a long term loss. The solar panels and systems we use are of the best build and performance quality – you will get what you pay for and our follow up service, if required, is definitely worth the investment!

With over 10 years of experience designing and installing solar systems, we have a long list of happy customers with reduced energy bills using solid, reliable and safe systems that look aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

What ever your renewable energy needs, ALL BRISBANE ELECTRICAL has the experience and the capabilities to provide the 'right' solution for you.


What is a Solar Panel?

Solar panels collect energy from the sun and convert it to heat or electricity. These utilise the principle of the photovoltaic effect in generating electricity through a collection of solar or photovoltaic cells. Also known as photovoltaic (PV) modules, they consist of 6X10 grid-like solar cells. 

Solar panels installation can help reduce the world’s carbon footprint. This decreases global warming by combating the harmful emissions of greenhouse gases. The use of solar panels shifts the world’s demand on the ever depleting fossil fuels and other conventional power sources. 

What are the benefits of installing solar power?

  1. Solar power is environmentally friendly

    Solar energy equates to a clean, green source of energy. It can help decrease your carbon footprint as it does not pollute the environment. It does not emit greenhouse gases and it only needs a source of clean water to work. Installing solar panels on your roof shows that you support a sustainable future.

  2. Solar power enables your home to be off-the-grid

    Coal and natural gas are fossil fuels that are used to produce electricity. These do not only cause harm to the environment, these are also limited resources (non-renewable). Non-renewable energy resources have a volatile market and their prices go up and down in an unstable manner.

    You can be independent in your source of electricity by installing a typical 4 kW solar system. You can protect yourself from the unstable prices in electricity and enjoy cheap electricity throughout the year. You just need to source your electrical energy from the sun.


  3. Solar power reduces generation loss

    Electricity travels from big power plants to consumers. This involves transmission via long distances which equate to loss in power. Installing solar panels increases electricity efficiency because of the short distance. 

How much do I need to prepare for Solar Power Brisbane installation?

On average, a typical Brisbane household uses 18 kWh of electricity every day. A typical 5 kW Solar Panels Brisbane produces 21 kWh of electricity every day. Thus, it would be enough for an average household to use a 5 kW system to power the electricity consumption of a family.

Below is a table that shows a Solar System Brisbane installation price and output:
System size (kW)
Output (kWh)
Price ($)
All Brisbane Electrical
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